About Competition

The Mustafa(PBUH) Prize is a top science and technology prize, awarded biennially to the top scholars of the Islamic world. This award is named after the Prophet(PBUH) of Islam due to his great emphasis on learning science, named after one of his titles, Mustafa (PBUH).
The Mustafa(PBUH) Science and Technology Foundation (MSTF) aims to identify, introduce and appreciate the young thinkers and researchers of the Muslim world, holding a competition called “KANS”. This name has been taken from the hadith of the holy prophet of Islam, who says:

Example of someone who learns science and doesn't share it, is like the one who has a treasure and does not spend it.

The competition is held at two levels of Muslim students and professors under 45 years in 5 categories namely: health, information and communication technology, water and environment, energy and economics.
Presenting science-based solutions to human issues is one of the important attributes for judging works. In this competition, participants are supposed to submit their scientific achievements to the Secretariat in form of a 3 to 5 minute video file through this website.

The KANS is extended to June 15 2018.


Each participant can submit his/her works to the following categories


In the last few decades, this area has made major changes in different areas of human life, providing quick access to information and doing things regardless of geographical distances without time constraints.


Economics is the study of mankind in the course of everyday economic life and helps people make better decisions. In the meantime, the Islamic perspective on various economic issues has had a profound impact on this science and its application in Islamic societies.


Human is a complex phenomenon and many factors affect the soul and body. Understanding all of these variables is not always possible, but you can maximize the amount of health by intelligence and the use of learning and technology.


This area is focused on clean and efficient technologies for converting and utilization of energy while focusing on environmental considerations to respond to the challenge of increasing energy demand and rising prices.

Water and environment

The water and environment around us have key roles to play in the continuation of human life on the planet, and over the last few decades human activities have brought about the destruction of the environment and water resources.

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